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Do you offer discounts on your fees to veterans?
We deliver exceptional service to all of our clients and we work diligently to ensure our clients receive the very best combination of price and service. We offer special savings programs when you bundle services with us and we work with our partners to ensure our clients receive every discount available.

What states do you operate in?
Currently we operate in the great state of Georgia, but in the very near future we will have Elite Realtors all around the country ready to serve you.

Are you hiring?
Yes. We are hiring diligent, self-starters who are military veterans or patriots! If you are interested in aligning yourself with a great team, use the “Join Our Elite Team” link under our “Contact” tab and someone will get in touch with you. If you’re a veteran that wants to get your real estate license, let us know and we can explain the process and costs. Come join our elite team and let’s make a difference together.

What’s the first step in the home buying process?
Getting pre-approved for a mortgage. A pre-approval letter from a lender gets everything else started because you will know how much you can borrow. That will drive a focused search to suitable properties and save time and heartache. Also, the loan estimate will let you know what is required for the down payment and closing costs. Contact us today and we can help put you in contact with a reputable lender you can trust and count on.

What is a buyer’s market and seller’s market?
In a seller’s market, high demand drives up prices and allows sellers to be more selective and demanding. In a buyer’s market, lower demand makes it easier for buyers to be more selective and demanding. Either way one of our highly skilled elite realtors can assist you achieve your real estate goals.

How long is the buying process?
The buying process can be broken down into three phases:
1) Pre-approval for a loan to identify target home prices (1 week),
2) Property search to find the perfect property and get it under contract (1-4 weeks), 3) Get through the formal home inspection, title search, and loan approval process (3-5 weeks)
If your target home is in a hot price range in a hot market, you may have to make a decision to make an offer immediately. These houses typically are under contract in 1-3 days after hitting the market. Being pre-approved for a mortgage is critical in these circumstances.
However, working with our elite team, our average process from under contract to closing date usually takes between 15-25 days. We’ve even completed transactions much faster!

How much do I pay an agent to help me buy a home?
The entire real estate marketplace and real estate professionals’ commission is subject to negotiation. Typically, Buyers who use an agent that will be paid by sharing the commission of the Seller’s agent don’t pay much to an agent. However, there are circumstances that change this dynamic. You will have an opportunity to finalize this potential cost when you enlist one of our professional Realtors.

Do I need good credit to buy a home?
Loan programs usually require a FICO score of at least 620. Regardless of your situation, special mortgage programs with lower credit score requirements are introduced to the marketplace on a regular basis. Higher credit scores equal less risk to the lender and typically result in lower interest rates for the buyer. We have lender relationships that can work with clients of all credit levels, so reach out to one of our elite professionals for guidance.

How much down payment will I need?
Down payment requirements vary with the loan program available and selected. Military veterans are eligible for a Zero down VA Home Loan. There are other programs for non-veterans that offer zero down payment, and some allow receipt of a gift for the down payment. Some conventional mortgages have 3-5% down payment programs and FHA loans are available with 3.5% down payment. Again, new programs are being introduced to the market all the time, so reach out to one of our Realtor professionals for guidance and assistance.

Should I sell my current home before buying a new one?
This is a tough question to provide a uniform answer to. If you are in a sellers’ market and can afford to buy the home you want and cover the cost of owning two homes until your current home sells, then it may be the best course of action to get the home you want before someone else does and your opportunity is lost. Also remember that if you decide to buy a home without selling your current home that your loan approval will be dependent on the lender agreeing you can qualify with the debt burden of both properties.

Obviously, if you need the equity value of your current home to buy the next home, or if you cannot afford to own two homes simultaneously, then selling your current home is a must before buying your next home.


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