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7 Step Guide to the Home Buying Process


1. Find and select a reputable mortgage lender and get pre-approved for a mortgage loan.

The only way to truly know how much home you can afford is to ask a lender. Getting pre-approved lets you know how much you can afford before shopping for your home.

Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth process:

  • Complete online mortgage application
  • Speak with a licensed mortgage professional
  • Provide lender with all required documents
  • Understand and follow the do’s and don’ts
  • Check your credit score with lender
  • Determine loan types available to you and down payment options
  • Get to know interest rates
  • Estimate your mortgage costs
  • Start saving

2. Find and select your U.S. Veterans Elite Realtor:

  • Provide agent a copy of your pre-approved mortgage letter from lender
  • Start shopping and choose a home
  • Make an offer on your dream home
  • Receive an accepted offer from seller with a fully executed purchase contract

3. Get mortgage loan approval for a specific home:

  • Provide lender with a complete copy of the fully executed purchase contract to include all addendums
  • Lender orders Title policy

4. Get your home inspection and appraisal.

5. Submit all final documents lender requires to review and issue a clear to close.

6. Receive “clear-to-close” from Lender and schedule your closing date.

7. Close on your new home and receive your keys.


You’re a Homeowner.


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